2019 Book Study

Adjunct Professor: Dr. Janet Kubasak

Facilitators: Lisa Deliz, Olivia Weisman and Janet Kubasak


Please purchase your own copy of this book, which is available for anywhere from $10-$20 depending where you purchase it.  Here is a link to the book listing on Amazon, so you can find the details:


We will work through the book together sharing our successes and struggles with developing a growth mindset in our classroom.  There will be some discussion posts and activities to complete with your students based on the text.  A great time to collaborate with other literacy minded educators on building a growth mindset culture in your classroom and/or school.


Here is the registration information for the book study:


Ashland University

Online Registration Instructions: 


Use can use the "Link" below; the "QR code" to the right

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Class Title:   Growth Mindset Coaching

Class Number:    6320 K31

Cost:                    $540

Credit Hours:       3


  1. Before the deadline of 4/1/2019, go to the following website to register for graduate credit:

  2. Select "Founders School of Continuing Education".

  3. Select "Find a Class".

  4. Select “Professional Development Services” .   

  5. Select "District Login" and enter:  User ID: SSTR2 and Password:  44035

  6. Click on the title of the correct course.

  7. Click on “Register for this Course” (green button toward the bottom of page).

  8. If there is any information on the form that you would prefer not to submit online, it is best that you DO NOT complete the online registration process. Contact the person listed below, and you will be provided with a paper registration form.

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